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Height: 5'6"   |   Eye Color: Brown  |   Hair Color: Brown

Gang Inc.

Sharader House - tv pilot

Future Girls - series pilot

Satired -  series pilot

Servare Vitas- pilot

What Should You Do?

Reno 911


Dancer and the Dame - Feature  




Corpse Run



NOW- Feature


Lost At War- Feature

Terror Strike- Short

Zombie Wars- Feature

Whispered Illusions- Feature

Joe Killionaire- Feature

The Legend of Diablo- Feature

Street Sweeper- Feature

Broken- Sundance Film

Infidelity- LAFFestival Short

Liars- Short

La Mechanica- Short

No Prom For Cindy- Feature






Tortured Eves





|   RECURRING/ Amber


|   PRINCIPLE/ Wendy Highland

|   PRINCIPLE/ Biogirl

|   PRINCIPLE/ Refer-O

|   PRINCIPLE/ Agent Sanchez

|   GUEST STAR/ Julie

|   UNDER 5/ Pinky




|   LEAD/Ani    

|   SUPP./Narika

|   LEAD/Her

|   LEAD/Kit

|   SUPP./Susie Falkner

|   SUPP./News Anchor

|   SUPP./Sophie


|   SUPP./Jamie

|   SUPP./Crunchy

|  SUPP./Hiker

|   LEAD/Agent Molina

|   SUPP./Mrs. K

|   LEAD/Karen

|   LEAD/Sharon

|   LEAD/La Mechanica

|   UNDER 5/Cool Girl

|   Lead

|   Lead

|   Lead

|   Supp.

|   Same Studios


|   Dir. Jack Bank

|   Urban American Network

|   Ed Web TV

|   Present Day Pictures

|   Lifetime TV

|   Comedy Channel

|   Pure Flix Prod.           


|   Dir. Alissa Koenig


|    PDP

|   ElevenThreeHundred


|   Version33


|   All American Pictures

|   Karma Productions

|   All American Pictures

|   Eagle Tide Films


|   Dir. Steven Erdek/Martini Films

|   Pop Art Film Factory

|   Hillcrest Entertainment

|   FAA Productions

|   FAA Productions

|   Carpe Diem Films

|   Dir. Joaquin Murrieta

|   Dir. Charles Adler

|   Actors Playpen Hollywood

|   Santa Clarita Rep. Theatre

|   Hollywood Fight Club Prod.

|   Canyon Theatre



The Goundlings Improv  - 2nd Level Grad      


Caroline Liem - On Camera Audition Technique

Craig Wallace - The Wallace Technique


Christinna Chauncey - Audition Tech., Cold Reading


Next Level Acting - Ted Prior On Camera, Scene Study


Deke Anderson - On Camera, Cold Reading           


Lena Harris Studio - Impediments, Accents, Improv. Cold      


Lena Harris Studio - Scholarship:Meisner Technique      


Mesa College Film and Television            


W.S.Hart Theatre Studies

Special Skills

Accents - French, British, Southern, Spanish, Puerto Rican, New York, New Jersey, Boston


Skills - Bartending, Electric Welding, Massage Therapy, Painting, Sketching, Speed Bag, Typing, Waitressing, Aerobics, Billiards/Pool Player, Body Surfing, Bowling, Boxing, Cycling, Equestrian, Ice Skating, Martial Arts, Mountain Biking, Roller Skating, Rollerblading, Scuba Diving, Skateboarding, Snow Skiing, Snowboarding, Swimming, Tennis, Trampoline, Volleyball, Water Skiing, Weight Lifting, Zumba, Firearms, Swat Team Stunts, Current Passport

*Certified Fitness Instructor. *15 years Dance training (hip-hop, jazz, tap, modern).

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