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A Los Angeles County native, Danielle grew up in Valencia when the concrete strip malls were only vast onion fields. There was however, a local dance studio ran by a former Rockette, where Danielle expressed her love for dance at the early age of three. She went on to choreograph routines for her high school dance team, taught local dance classes, and eventually toured with a professional Hip Hop Group.
Beyond jazz hands, her interest in acquiring a diverse cultural understanding has traversed her abroad. Usually armed with only a
backpack, she has photographed African lions in their natural habitat, been scuba diving in French Polynesia, trudged through the swamp-lands of Tortuguero Costa Rica and camped with Northern Thailand hill- tribes.  Traveling abroad and meeting culturally diverse people has been an influential character builder in Danielle’s life.
In 2000, Danielle’s enthusiasm for entertaining and creative expression extended to acting. She has trained with admired coaches such as Caroline Liem, Christinna Chauncey and Kevin Kirkpatrick (of The Groundlings Improvisation Hollywood). Incorporating her teaching experience, Danielle coached successful child actors such as Gatlin Griffith and  Lauryn Speights.
With much success,  Danielle co‐founded Present Day Pictures, a production company based in Los Angeles. Danielle continues to live vicariously through her library of colorful characters on screen, ... and off.








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